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The Inwood Jazz Festival is excited to announce our highly anticipated return on August 18th, 2024! We are thrilled to bring back another year of amazing music, fun, and excitement. Save the date and get ready to experience the best jazz festival of the year! Be sure to check our website for updates on the schedule and line-up of talented artists.


10am -


Hayes Greenfield

Childen Interactive Jazz Workshop

Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden in Isham Park

3:30pm - 4:30pm

Steve Turre Sextet

Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn

12:30pm - 1:15pm 

Kevin Nathaniel Hylton & Spirit Ensemble

Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn

4:45pm - 5:45pm

Elio Villafranca / Jass Syncopators, ft vocalist Brianna Thomas

Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn

1:30pm - 2:15pm

Alfredo Colon Quartet

Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn

6:00pm - 7:15pm

African Rhythms Alumni Sextet

Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn

2:30pm - 3:15pm

Imani Winds

Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn

7:15pm - 9pm

Jam Session/Performance

Melvin "Tiger" Vines Quintet

Inwood Farm • 218th & Indian Road



2nd Annual Festival
Sunday August 18th, 2024




Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden (BRMG) Proudly Presents:


Free, 45-minute Jazz Interactive Workshops for Children (aged 1 ~ 8yrs).

Do take advantage of these unique

workshops/ performances.

The children will love them.

And then...

Head down to Inwood Hill Park, where the festival begins!

10 am - 10:45 am
Bruce Reynolds Memorial Garden in Isham Park
Hayes Greenfield's Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz
Hayes Greenfield's Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz is a highly interactive music education program that inspires all participants to take risks, gain confidence, and experience a sense of personal achievement by creating jazz through the art of improvisation!




12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn
Kevin Nathaniel Hylton & Spirit Ensemble

The Spirit Ensemble has established itself as the primary source of music that traverses the African Diaspora. The enchanting sounds of the mbira, kora, bala, steel pan, and bamboo flute comprise the essênce of Spirit's sound and provide the foundation for rhythmic travels.

Spirit Ensemble! One of the very few bands ever to fuse the many facets of African Global Music seamlessly and make it all swing.

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn
Alfredo Colon Quartet

Dominican-American saxophonist and composer Alfredo Colon is a proud New York City native. His playing has been described as authoritative and fiery yet mournful and melodic. Drawing on his interest in Dominican folklore and the works of visionary saxophonists Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman, Colon creates a musical atmosphere that highlights beauty by framing it in disarray. 

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn
Imani Winds

IMANI WINDS, a Grammy winning ensemble, is an American wind quintet based in New York City, United States. The group was founded by flutist Valerie Coleman in 1997 and is known for its adventurous and diverse programming, which includes both established and newly composed works. The word Imani means "faith" in Swahili.

• Mark Dover, clarinetist 

• Valerie Coleman, flutist, composer 

• Monica Ellis, bassoonist 

• Jeff Scott, french horn, composer

• Toyin Spellman-Diaz, oboist

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn
Steve Turre Sextet

STEVE TURRE was passed the jazz torch early in his career by some of the music’s greatest masters – Art Blakey, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Woody Shaw and Ray Charles, among others. In recent years he’s kindled the same flame in a younger crop of rising stars. On his new album, Generations, Turre brings the eras together, inviting still- vital legends to join a gifted band of rising starts to pay tribute to the elders who have helped shape his sound.

• Steve Turre, trombone & shells

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm
Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn
Elio Villafranca / Jass Syncopators,
featuring vocalist Brianna Thomas

ELIO VILLAFRANCO JASS SYNCOPATORS NONET, Born in the Pinar del Río province of Cuba, Steinway Artist, Grammy Nominated, and 2014 Jalc Millennium Swing Award! recipient pianist and composer Elio Villafranca was classically trained in percussion and composition at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba.


• Elio Villafranca - piano

• Brianna Thomas - featured vocalist

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
Inwood Hill Park • Pat's Lawn
African Rhythms Alumni Sextet

NEA JAZZ MASTER RANDY WESTON transformed the music’s global impact. From Brooklyn, New York to Rabat, Morocco, the pianist, composer, and community ambassador integrated popular sounds and folkloric traditions from across the African continent into his own legendary performances with fellow artists from across the world. Saxophonist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist T.K. BLUE leads his acclaimed African Rhythms Alumni sextet in celebration of the late artist who created new and international pathways for artistic collaboration and communion.


AFRICAN RHYTHMS ALUMNI SEXTET - featuring the music of NEA Jazz Master Randy Weston


• Billy Harper, tenor sax

• T.K. Blue, music director, sax, flute, kalimba 

• Frank Lacy, trombone 

• Sharp Radway, piano 

• Alex Blake, bass 

• Chief Baba Neil Clarke, percussion 


Inwood Farm • 600 West 218th Street
Join us for an after-party and jam session at the INWOOD FARM, hosted by trumpeter Melvin Vines!
7 - 9:00 pm Performance / Audience Participation
Inwood Farm • 218th & Indian Road
Melvin "Tiger" Vines Quintet

Trumpetist, composer, band leader, painter and sculptor Tiger has performed with Sun Ra Arkestra, Bassist Jymmie Merritt and others.

The Harlem Jazz Machine, his former band, could be heard weekly for over a decade at Harlem's world famous St. Nicks Pub & Paris Blues.



Enjoy! the after-festival festivities.

Jazz is about being in the moment and creating something together. It's a communal experience that brings people from different backgrounds and cultures together in harmony."

Wynton Marsalis

Restaurants to Visits During Your Stay!

Beans & Vines


Buunni Coffee


Cocina Latina Restaurant

Guadalupe Bar & Grill

Inwood Gourmet


Inwood Hills Wine & Spirits Room



The Park View


Tubby Hook Tavern


Dichter Pharmacy & Soda Shoppe

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